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[During the fight against the epidemic] Helping public security fight the epidemic

The new crown pneumonia epidemic affects everyone's heart. While paying attention to the epidemic, our company has also seen the hard work of the police who stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. On May 8, 2020, at a critical juncture in the fight against the epidemic, our company sent 5,000 love masks to the anti-epidemic police officers of the Airport Branch of the Henan Provincial Public Security Department.

[When the anti-epidemic is in progress] Helping the Municipal Administration to fight the epidemic

The epidemic is ruthless, and there is love in the world. On March 23, 2020, our company is in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. Helped Henan Guokong Shengyuan Health Industry Co., Ltd. to prepare 112,000 disposable masks for the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

Congratulations to the "Zhengzhou Kangsheng Jiutai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd." website officially launched!


Kangsheng Jiutai Medical thank you for 2016 and welcome 2017!

Under the leadership of the General Manager’s Office of Zhengzhou Kangsheng Jiutai Medical, under the corporate tradition of hard work, pragmatism and high efficiency, shared honor and disgrace, and perseverance, the sales department 1 and sales department 2 successfully completed the set annual sales of 2016. A solid foundation will be laid in 2017.

Seven departments jointly issued a document, medical consumables shall not be negotiated twice

Municipal organization, alliance procurement, platform operation, including high-value consumables, common consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents, etc.

Authoritative release! 41 hospitals in Henan were notified and 69 companies were rectified

Recently , the official website of the Henan Provincial Drug Administration announced a notice on the inspection and rectification of medical devices in the second half of 2019, involving medical device operators and users. 41 hospitals were rectified, and color Doppler ultrasound and ventilators were the focus of inspection.
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