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Single-use needle-shaped high-frequency electrodes

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For operations in different regions, due to the different motor power required, the company has developed a total of 15 specifications and models to meet the clinical needs of different departments and diseases.

The specific specifications of the product are as follows:

Single-use needle-shaped high-frequency electrodes

Thyroid surgery  Recommended power  Breast surgery  Recommended power  Otorhinolaryngology  Recommended power  Plastic surgery  Recommended power
Adenoma resection  12--16  Benign breast tumor resection  10--20  Tonsillectomy  6--15  Abdominal wall plasty  10--18
Paraglandectomy  12--16  Breast reduction plasty  10--25  Pharyngopalaplasty  6--8  Facial lift  6--10
Radical thyroid cancer  12--16  Radical breast cancer  12--25  Turbinectomy  6--12  Scar repair  6--8
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery   neurosurgery   Repair and Reconstruction Section   Pediatric Surgery  
Laceectomy  10--15  Skull base surgery  5--10  Skin flap preparation  4--8  Cleft lip and palate repair  12--5
Intraoral incision  10--15  Laminectomy  5--8  Hand surgery  6--8  Urethroplasty  9--12
Mandibular split  10--15  Spine/radiotomy  5--8  Foot and ankle surgery  6--12  Subcutaneous gangrene incision and drainage  8--12
Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Spleen Surgery    Orthopedics    Ophthalmology    Cardiothoracic Surgery  
Pancreatic body and tail resection  10--15  Artificial hip replacement  10--25   Dacryocystorhinostomy  4--7  Thymectomy  15--20
Liver transplantation  20--25  Open reduction of fracture  12--28  Separation of iris adhesion  4--6  Esophageal leiomyoma removal  12--20
Portal Decompression  10--15  Hip Joint Incision and Drainage  10--17  Canthroplasty  7--9  Heart Transplantation  20--25
Registration certificate name  Registration certificate number  Specification
Needle-shaped high-frequency electrode for one-time use  Yu Machinery Injection Standard 20192010764 BSD-DN-A-3-53-0、BSD-DN-A-3-185-0、BSD-DN-A-3-100-0
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