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Needle-shaped high-frequency electrode

Used in conjunction with a high-frequency generator for electrocoagulation and electrocutting in high-frequency surgery. Features: fast cutting, reducing bleeding, reducing smoke, minimally invasive and delicate, easy to operate.
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The current problems of traditional high-frequency electric knife are mainly reflected in three aspects of precision, safety and convenience. Due to the large cutter head and high power, the operation can cause problems such as large damage range, excessive blood clotting, and adhesion of scorching objects. In addition, the use of high-frequency electric knives will cause a large amount of smoke during the operation, which will affect the surgical field of vision and easily cause accidental injuries.

The minimally invasive dissecting needle independently developed by Kangsheng Jiutai effectively reduces the basic area of ​​the traditional scalpel head, and realizes the change from "coarse" to "fine". The blade is made of military tungsten alloy material, which has a higher melting point and hardness than traditional 304 stainless steel, and the polishing is more refined, which ensures that fewer tissue adhesions are produced during the operation. In addition, the traditional scalpel head adopts a paddle design, resulting in a single cutting direction. If side rotation occurs accidentally during the operation, it will cause greater damage to the healthy tissue, and the doctor's wrist is prone to fatigue during the operation. The minimally invasive dissecting needle adopts a conical design. The doctor can change the route of the knife 360° during the operation. It is more comfortable to operate in some delicate surgical parts and can reduce the pressure on the wrist.

Figure Comparison of traditional blade and minimally invasive scalpel blade

Figure Comparison of thermal damage of different dissecting needles

Compared with traditional high-frequency electric knife and stainless steel high-frequency electric knife, the tungsten alloy needle-shaped high-frequency electrode has the advantages of low operation power, almost no smoke, less damage, no adhesion, 360-degree knife travel, and flexible operation. At the same time of safety, the operation time is greatly saved, and it is also more conducive to the patient's postoperative recovery

Comparison items Traditional high-frequency electric knife  Stainless steel needle-shaped high-frequency electrode  Tungsten alloy needle-shaped high-frequency electrode
Operation power: large: 20-190W  small: 10-50W  small: 4-40W
Surgical smoke is very large, relatively large, almost no smoke
Surgery time is , ,  long shorten some greatly save operation time
Surgical safety is , and  easy to cause accidental injury relatively safe very safe
Surgical healing:, , large damage,poor recovery easy adhesion during surgery, poor recovery,  small damage, no adhesion, good recovery
Surgical operation  Single cutting direction,inflexible operation  Relatively flexible operation  Conical design,360° knife movement, very flexible operation
Registration certificate name Registration certificate number Specification
Needle-shaped high-frequency electrode for one-time use Yu Machinery Injection Standard 20192010042  JPZ-1, JPZ-2, JPZ-3, JPZ-4, JPZ-5, JPZ-6, JPZ-7, JPZ-8, JPZ-9, JPZ-10, JPZ-11, JPZ-12, JPZ-13, JPZ-14, JPZ-15.
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