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Seven departments jointly issued a document, medical consumables shall not be negotiated twice

  • 2020-07-27
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(Summary description)Municipal organization, alliance procurement, platform operation, including high-value consumables, common consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents, etc.

Seven departments jointly issued a document, medical consumables shall not be negotiated twice

(Summary description)Municipal organization, alliance procurement, platform operation, including high-value consumables, common consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents, etc.


Municipal organization, alliance procurement, platform operation, including high-value consumables, common consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents, etc.

1 Some varieties start group negotiation

A few days ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Medical Security Bureau and other seven departments issued the “Notice on the Implementation Plan for Centralized Procurement of Medical Consumables in Guangzhou Medical Institutions”, which covers medical consumables (including high-value medical consumables, general medical consumables and in vitro diagnostic reagents). And other purchasing and trading activities.

Seven departments jointly issued a document, medical consumables shall not be negotiated twice

It is reported that this plan aims to effectively reduce the falsely high prices of medical consumables, ensure clinical demand, and promote the reform of the system and mechanism in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale in Guangzhou.

The content pointed out that it will build a medical consumables procurement transaction mechanism for medical institutions in Guangzhou and a Guangzhou medical consumables procurement transaction platform (hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou platform); implement classified procurement of medical consumables to achieve reliable quality and reasonable prices for medical consumables, and ensure stable and timely supply of medical consumables; Establish and improve a comprehensive supervision system for medical consumables, standardize the purchase of medical consumables, and realize online procurement of medical consumables of various categories.

Promote the centralized procurement of medical consumables in medical institutions in Guangzhou in accordance with the principle of classification and batch. Strive to start the first batch of product procurement transactions from November 2020, and conduct group negotiations on some varieties.

2 Consumables with stable prices are directly linked to the net

According to the observation of Cyber ​​Blue, the promotion of classified procurement is the focus of each plan.

The Guangzhou platform implements classified procurement methods for the procurement of medical consumables for medical institutions through direct online, group negotiation, and bargaining. Medical institutions purchase related products on the Guangzhou platform as required.

Purchase directly online. The centralized procurement products carried out uniformly by the state and the province and the high-value medical consumables that have passed the medical insurance access and clarified the medical insurance payment standards and have relatively stable prices implement direct online procurement.

The group negotiates procurement. For some medical consumables with large clinical usage, high procurement amount, and mature clinical use, the Guangzhou Medical Institution Procurement Alliance can be established in accordance with the "municipal organization, alliance procurement, platform operation" method, and adhere to the principle of centralized procurement , Implement group negotiation procurement. Explore the implementation of cross-regional joint group negotiation procurement.

Negotiate purchases. According to the principle of quantity-based procurement and quantity-price linkage, medical institutions shall reasonably negotiate purchase prices with medical consumables production and operation enterprises in accordance with the purchase quantity and payment cycle. Encourage and support medical institutions to jointly carry out bargaining procurement. The Guangzhou platform collects market price data for reference by medical institutions.

Other procurement methods determined by the national, provincial, and municipal medical security departments.

3 Establish an expert database for purchasing medical consumables

Under the unified coding of medical consumables, the establishment of an expert database is another highlight.

In establishing the procurement platform, the coding standards for medical consumables will be unified. Implement the national unified medical consumables classification and coding standards, establish a medical consumables coding database and carry out dynamic maintenance. Explore and promote the application of national medical consumables coding standards in the fields of bidding, procurement, distribution, use, settlement, and supervision, and promote the exchange of information among medical institutions, procurement platforms, and supervision platforms.

The Guangzhou platform is constructed and operated by the Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center. It integrates information maintenance, order distribution, contract management, purchase transactions, settlement and payment and other functions, connects to related supervision platforms, and provides information release, service object inquiries, information filling, and procurement transactions. , Price reminder and supervision and complaint services, and constantly optimize and improve according to the actual work.

The medical information management system or procurement system of medical institutions will work with the Guangzhou platform.

At the same time, a database of experts in purchasing medical consumables will be established. In accordance with the principles of fairness, professionalism, and individual voluntariness, establish a medical consumable procurement expert database covering clinical, medical insurance, management and other professional categories.

Experts from the expert database participate in the procurement consultation, review and negotiation of medical consumables. When medical institutions jointly carry out bargaining purchases, they can apply to randomly select experts from the expert database to carry out price negotiations on behalf of the consortium.

4 Cross-regional price linkage

To strengthen comprehensive supervision, the first is to fully carry out online procurement.

High-value medical consumables used by public medical institutions in Guangzhou (including provincial and ministerial public medical institutions) should be purchased through the procurement platform. Other medical consumables are purchased through the procurement platform in principle. Public medical institutions in other cities and regions are encouraged and supported to choose the Guangzhou platform for procurement. transaction. Encourage social medical institutions and retail pharmacies to voluntarily participate in the centralized procurement of medical consumables in Guangzhou.

Organizations participating in the centralized procurement of medical consumables in Guangzhou signed a centralized procurement agreement for medical consumables with medical insurance agencies.

In addition, procurement platforms, medical consumables manufacturers, distribution companies, and medical institutions participate in the supervision and management of all parties involved, and realize the interconnection of information with medical security, health, market supervision, price monitoring and other departments to realize comprehensive supervision.

At the same time, it will intensify the random inspection of the quality of medical consumables purchased, strengthen quality supervision, and strengthen the monitoring of adverse events in the purchase of medical consumables to ensure quality and safety. Establish a price reminder system for the purchase of medical consumables in medical institutions to promote the formation of reasonable prices for medical consumables. Study the establishment of a cross-regional linkage mechanism for medical consumables prices, and realize information interconnection with cooperative medical consumables procurement and trading platforms.

Standardize the circulation and distribution links. Intensify the investigation and punishment of tax-related illegal and criminal acts such as false invoices, regulate the distribution of medical consumables, and ensure the timely and sufficient supply of medical consumables.

Public medical institutions should establish a selection mechanism for the distribution of high-value medical consumables to promote reasonable competition in the market. Medical consumables manufacturers are the main body responsible for supply and distribution, guaranteeing the right of medical consumables manufacturers to independently choose distribution companies, and guiding medical consumables manufacturers and medical institutions to select distribution companies reasonably.

Medical institutions shall settle the payment in time in strict accordance with the contract. Gradually promote the online settlement of procurement transactions for medical institutions on the Guangzhou platform.

5 Medical institutions and enterprises shall not bargain again

In terms of the procurement supervision mechanism, the internal management system for the procurement of medical consumables in medical institutions will be standardized, and the procurement status, procurement volume implementation status, and payment execution status of the procurement platform will be included as the comprehensive reform assessment content of public medical institutions and included in the target management of medical institutions and medical institutions Evaluation work.

Establish an admission selection mechanism for high-value medical consumables in the hospital, and prohibit departments from purchasing themselves. Medical institutions and enterprises are not allowed to negotiate prices for products that have passed the national, provincial, and municipal centralized procurement or group negotiations.

Strictly implement the relevant regulations on procurement for record. Comprehensive use of multiple regulatory measures. Strengthen the management of the procurement of key monitored varieties.

Improve the agreement management of designated medical institutions for medical security, incorporate the procurement of medical consumables into the medical insurance assessment, and link it with the hierarchical management of designated medical institutions and medical insurance settlement and payment.

A scientific and reasonable assessment and management system will be established to standardize the purchase and transaction of medical consumables by medical consumables production and operation enterprises.

Strictly implement credit information records, punishment for dishonesty, market withdrawal and market bans and other systems, and relevant information will be announced to the public in a timely manner. The Guangzhou platform records the credit information of all procurement transaction entities; for medical consumables procurement transactions that violate laws and regulations and other untrustworthy behaviors applicable to joint punishments, measures such as restricting participation in centralized procurement are adopted in accordance with laws and regulations to restrict or punish them.

6 Time schedule announced

The content pointed out that this implementation plan will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be valid for 5 years.

Seven departments jointly issued a document, medical consumables shall not be negotiated twice

Disclaimer: The above content is reproduced from Cyber ​​Blue, and the content does not represent the position of this platform.


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